WHAT? Jessica Simpson is pregnant??

And she gained weight too?
Tell me NO!

Ay Yi Yi...

Ok, I am not going to lie. Jessica Simpson is big

One report said that she gained over 50 lbs. 

Say it aint so!

Guess what? I gained 60 pounds on the DOT with Meghan, 59 with Connor, 59 with Reagan and around 40-something with Kennedy.

Now granted, Before pregnancy with Meghan I was a whopping 100 lbs. Did I look as big as she does? NO. Are all women made the same way (body shape)? NO!

Some women can carry the extra weight around and still look cute and petite. 

AND SOME....(me included)


I always asked my DR if I was gaining too much. He said NO! *due to my shape and weight before.

So, those reports that say you ARE ONLY SUPPOSED TO GAIN (enter magic number here). Umm....Yeah

To those that say "You gained 60lbs, you are going to have a HUGE BABY!"

Meghan weighed 6lbs 2 oz
Connor was 7lbs 9oz
Reagan 7lbs 9oz
Kennedy 6lbs 15oz

Never had an issue with ANY pregnancy (health wise).

Now, while she may look rather ROUND *I am not going to sugar coat it, she is pretty big...

Geez Louise, let the woman BAKE A BABY!

Psst...She can laugh about all of this when she is cashing that 3 million dollar check from Weight Watchers after the baby is born.

What are your thoughts?

How much did YOU gain??


  1. So far with this pregnancy I've already gained 33 lbs and I'm only almost 29 weeks. Soooooooooo...that math is not too hard to do :)

  1. Brittney said...:

    shes a woman, it happens... the tabloids are attacking her because she is famous. no one would dare comment on a womans weight while pregnant any other way lol. I gained 55 with my first and 15 with my second

  1. Sues said...:

    AMEN!!!! You are 100% right.

    Now, I am a total freak show - I am a tiny pg lady. I lost weight the first 4 or 5 months pg with both of my kids, so the second they were each born, I was back to my pre-pg weight. (Will was 7 lbs & Annelise was 6.5 lbs.) *BUT* I nursed them both for years, so to protect my milk supply, my body naturally packed on 10+ lbs. *AFTER* giving birth (lemme tell you, that is NOT a confidence booster! :-D :-P) each time, and it would NOT come off until they each weaned themselves! Every woman is so unique. I'm with you - let Jessica bake in peace! :-D

  1. Carrie said...:

    I have never had a baby so I've got no room to talk...however, I do believe we're all different and certainly can't all take the same path.

    To me though, it seems like Jessica has been pregnant for an eternity. Probably doesn't help that all the rags and gossip shows dwell on it though.