Dollar Tree haul (June 2015)

I picked up a few new items at Dollar Tree this week :)

Did you pick up anything new this week? Let me know what you got.

Hair bow tutorials / How to make hairbows

I notice that a lot of you are coming here via an outside mention (Usually regarding one of the hairbow tutorials) First of all....THANK YOU for clicking a link and coming to see me!

I also want to point you in the right direction since it's been awhile since I posted a tutorial on THIS blog. If you would like to see NEW / CURRENT bow tutorials then you can find those on my other blog, The Mommy Crafts A lot blog. You can also find them on my youtube channel, mommycraftsalot. (I really should update the side bar too! EEEK!)

Here are some of the more recent tutorials:

DIY Triple Twister bow tutorial

4 Color Twisted Boutique Bow tutorial

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hair clip DIY

Jewel Sparkles LALALOOPSY hair clip tutorial

Colors divided hairbow tutorial

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The Shopkins craze

Well, here we are . . .
SMACK DAB in the middle of the Shopkins craze.

I blame youtube. That is how we found Shopkins last year. Shopkins LAST YEAR compared to Shopkins THIS YEAR? Totally different! WOW!!! When we first started buying them they were no where near as popular as they are now. I now put them in the same category as those Cabbage Patch Dolls or ugly FURBY toys. Remember the craze? Remember the crazy moms out there? Yeah, I'm now one of THOSE.

My kids love the shopkins. I must admit, they are quite cute and addicting. They do say "Once you shop, you can't stop."

A shopkin is a cute little collectible toy (that can fit on the end of a pencil). These toys are themed and come in the shapes of foods, baked goods, houseware items and shoes. Each one has cute facial features. You can purchase Shopkins in 5pks, 12pks and blind baskets (contains 2 shopkins). We love the blind baskets because you never know which 2 shopkins you are going to get. FUN! The other packs come with ONE surprise blind bag as well. The goal is to collect them all, of course. Each purchase comes with a little checklist. Kennedy loves checking them off the list as she receives a new one.

We have the majority of both seasons (1 & 2) as well as all of the playsets. Of course, we never did find a LIMITED EDITION boooo! Now we are just waiting on Season 3 and from what I have been reading in the shopkins facebook groups ((YES, they have shopkins groups! lol and YES, I belong to a few. I told you I was ONE OF THOSE MOMS now LOL!)) these are going to be HARD to find. I saw mention that a few moms were even going to be camping out to get them. Umm....I'm not THAT Shopkins crazy just yet! This momma still needs her beauty sleep. 


These little things are causing quite the commotion!
Just look at these listings I found on Ebay.

This is a 12 pk that normally retails for $12.99 in stores. The bid is already at $52 with one day to go. $52, folks!!

Here's one listed as BUY IT NOW for $72 and there are 9 people watching it!

What are your thoughts? Is this the CABBAGE PATCH doll of our time?

Tiny little fruits and veggies with eyes?


Now I must go browse the groups again and see which of the tiny little critters we are missing. Gotta get 'em all :)

Check out the kids Shopkins videos on youtube.

Hot Toys for Christmas 2014!

Tis' the Season . . .

It's time to find out who's Naughty and who's Nice.

What's on your kiddo's wish list this year? Stumped on what to get JR? Here's a list of our favorites from this year.

Of course, FROZEN ANYTHING!! (Always popular) That Snow Glow Elsa is a hot little item this season :) We also loved the Toddler set.

Lalaloopsy Girls

Lalaloopsy Tinies

Shopkins! We love Shopkins. Shopkins Season 2 just hit the shelves too :)

Monster High

My Little Pony Equestria Girls (Rainbow Rocks)

Puppy Surprise (Remember that?) There's also KITTY SURPRISE!

Are any of these items on his/her wishlist?

Check out the kids new youtube channel for more toy reviews and fun!

Silly Noggins 

How to add LACE to your hairbows

Here's a tutorial for adding lace to your bows :)

Ribbon Rose hairbow tutorial

Special Guest on the Youtube channel!

She will show you how to make this beautiful ROSE hairbow :)

DIY Lace Crown

These are perfect to be used as PHOTO PROPS! (Think newborn baby photos)